Four LGSF projects turned over to Baroy, LDN

October 20, 2017

"Back then, our barangay was inaccessible because of the condition of our roads; even motorcycles cannot pass in our areas when it rains. Now, we are pleased that our requests have been acted upon by being one of the recipients of road concreting projects," said Riverside Punong Barangay Lino P. Paalisbo as to the situation of their barangay before concreting the road in their area.

The concreting of the Riverside Barangay Road is is just one of the four Local Government Support Fund (LGSF) Road Concreting Projects that were turned over to Baroy, Lanao del Norte on October 12, 2017. The other three concreting projects are the following: Barangay Cabasagan to Barangay Pendulonan Road; 0.225 KM Farm to Market Road of Barangay Upper Sagadan; and 0.225 KM Farm to Market Road from Barangay Princesa to Barangay Pange.

Through the said farm to market roads, products from remote areas are already made accessible. Cabasagan Punong Barangay Ricardo L. Decorion expressed, “Mapasalamaton kami ani nga proyekto. Among pagadawaton ug ampingan kini uban sa mga taga barangay [We are thankful for this project.We are accepting this and we will take care of this, together with the residents here in barangay].”

DILG 10 Regional Director Arnel M. Agabe congratulates the Municipality of Baroy saying that it continues to receive enough funds, as far as Assistance to Municipalities is concerned, because it is performing well.

“This will not be possible with the efforts of our mayor alone, we also need the help of our Sangguniang Bayan officials and local functionaries,” he said.

He stated that local functionaries must be capable enough as they are the ones providing continuity when it comes to local governance. With this, it was emphasized that budget allocations depend on the performance of a municipality.

“This is why we are seeking help for you to perform better. Help us prove that you are deserving with the support that is being provided to you,” he added.

Lanao del Norte Provincial Director Bruce A. Colao supported this, saying that there is a need to unite the Municipality and its barangays. “Each of you should be giving support—the municipality should giving support to the barangays and at the same time, a barangay should be giving support to your Municipality here in Baroy.”

“In DILG, you are our inspiration for us to do our best so that we could help our local government units (LGUs) manifest the principles of good local governance, accountability, and transparency and at the same time, for you to perform well so that we could serve the people in our respective LGUs,” RD Agabe added.