DILG 10 warns anew against Federalism advocacy fees

November 7, 2018

Collection of fees from local government units or participants for the conduct of Federalism information campaign activities is highly prohibited.

Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) 10 Regional Director Arnel M. Agabe underscored this as incidents were again reported pertaining to alleged collection of Federalism group membership fees.

“We do not allow collection of registration fees on all Federalism-related advocacy initiatives, especially with accredited organizations partnering with the DILG,” he said.

The Regional Director stated that with the DILG adopting a participative, multi-stakeholder approach in the implementation of the said advocacy, it has involved various stakeholders in as many activities as possible. However, he emphasized that the LGUs, including the public, must only work with accredited civil society organizations (CSOs).

He reiterated that partnering with an accredited CSO is one way to ensure that information communicated or disseminated on Federalism are aligned with the key messages and content parameters of the DILG.

“We must be vigilant with the groups we are dealing with. Suspicious activities can be reported, knowing that there were reports on groups collecting fees for an identification card (ID), saying that this can be presented in claiming several benefits in some government agencies,” he said.

RD Agabe further reminded that the accredited advocacy partners must coordinate with the DILG Regional Office or Field Office in their respective areas, should they want to conduct Federalism information campaign activities.

“Our advocacy partners should notify us as to their planned activities so that we could provide assistance, especially in coordinating them with our LGUs,” he added.

As per “Revised Guideline on the Implementation of Federalism-Related Information Advocacy Campaign Activities (MC 2018-79),” the accreditation of advocacy partners is open to CSOs that meet the following criteria:

(1) Organization is registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), whose purpose or objective is the promotion of Federalism, as indicated in its Articles of Incorporation or Charter;

(2) Organization is able to conduct information campaign activities without financial support from LGUs or government agencies; and

(3) Organization has at least five (5) members who could serve as resource persons on Federalism in its information campaign.