DILG 10 Chief warns against "OIC Appointment Scams"

December 12, 2017

"Do not believe individuals claiming that they could appoint you as OIC-barangay and local officials."

This was the warning of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) 10 Regional Director Arnel M. Agabe to the local government officials as there have been reported incidents on groups who claim that they could appoint officials under a federal system of government or revolutionary government (RevGov), in exchange for money or favors.

Based on the DILG Central Office’s advisory issued, these groups assert that they are affiliated or permitted by the government or the DILG to undergo this step in the campaign for federalism or RevGov.

“These groups are eyeing on those incumbent and aspiring barangay and local government officials, saying that they are capable of including them in the priority list of officials to be appointed should the country shift to federalism or RevGov,” explained RD Agabe. “It is alarming since there have been reports of those who actually gave money to these groups for this purpose.”

The Regional Director also reiterated and emphasized that, “DILG is in no way officially promoting a RevGov and that the DILG does not support the appointment of barangay and local officials should the country shift to a federal form of government.” Moroever, as per said advisory, “The DILG does not solicit any money even in the disguise of membership fees and donations nor any favor for the fake promise of OIC appointment.”

In this connection, RD Agabe reminded that the local government unit must ensure that their Federalism-related info campaigns are within the standards and parameters set by the Department. “See to it that those who use the DILG logo and speak in behalf of federalism are accredited by the Department,” he said.

Further, RD Agabe urged the LGUs to report any unauthorized use of the DILG logo and unaccredited federalism-related activities in their areas. “If you want to conduct federalism information campaign in your jurisdictions, do not hesitate to coordinate with the DILG field offices and ask for assistance, if necessary.”