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DILG Outcome Areas & Programs and Projects for FY 2014 to 2016

May 7, 2013
Office Responsible: Office of the Secretary

The DILG - LG Sector Outcome Framework emphasizes what we do in the Department, based on our mandate which is general supervision over local government units (LGUs), have meaning and significance in the overall design of things in our society; and are contributory to the attainment of national goals and objectives, as articulated by President Benigno S. Aquino III himself in his 16-point Social Contract with the Filipino people.  It invites us to closely re-examine our view of ourselves and to appreciate the fact that we have a more supreme reason for our existence than merely output producers: that we play a pivotal role in achieving societal outcomes that benefit both the LGUs which are our primary partners/clients and the citizenry, through the civil society organizations (CSOs), which have now become indispensable partners in local government and national development.


            Being the primary agency tasked to develop and scale up the capacities of LGUs, render performance oversight and provide incentives to LGUs that excel and perform, we need to position ourselves in a way that we can greatly influence and transform LGUs into becoming development-oriented where self-reliance is a way of life, and where law and order and public safety prevail.  This will hasten the ability of our LGUs to contribute to the achievement of inclusive growth for the country and poverty reduction. 


            For both to materialize fast, both the DILG and the LGUs need to be robust to meet their respective mandate, with the former needing to strengthen its internal governance capacity to shepherd and nurture LGUs to become accountable, transparent, participative and effective in rendering services to their constituents.  On the other hand, the LGUs need to strive to observe these tenets of good governance to effectively discharge their own duties and responsibilities, en route to becoming socially-protective and safe; business-friendly and competitive; and disaster-prepared and climate change-adaptive.  


Without the DILG avidly pushing LGUs to observe and practice good governance, the drive for clean, honest and good governance will not be as successful. Without the LGUs, the vision for inclusive growth and poverty reduction is likely to remain farfetched.  In short, a robust DILG helps produce robust LGUs.

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