Statement of Secretary Eduardo M. Año regarding Fake News on Social Media

August 11, 2020

Statement of
Secretary, Department of the Interior and Local Government


The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) condemns the use of social media as a platform to proliferate malicious and false information, emphasizing that there is no truth to the recent statement circulating on social media about practicing distancing after sex.

We at the DILG are not inclined to make such false and malevolent claims, neither will we tolerate them. False and derogatory news like these intend to impugn the institution’s credibility and undermine the progress we have thus far accomplished in the fight for Filipino survival.

As such, we at DILG will investigate the matter at hand and will go after the propagators of fake news with renewed intensity.

In these troubling times, we at the Department believe that the right step to healing and recovery is not through divisive and disparaging means.

Rather, we must all put our best foot forward and unite as a nation to establish mutual trust between the government and the citizenry as well as lead the path towards lasting peace, harmony, and progress.