July 10, 2020
The public is hereby informed that there are some individuals claiming to be me or somebody connected to my office calling or texting local government officials and police stations for purposes allegedly to make donations or seek the support of LGUs for supposed programs and projects of the Department, among others.

As a matter of policy, this office communicates with LGUs and other agencies of the Department through official channels. Therefore, the public is advised not to entertain any request from any person claiming to be me or someone connected to my office without proper verification. LGUs and PNP stations who are contacted by these unscrupulous individuals may verify the call or text with the DILG’s Municipal/City Local Government Operations Officer or the DILG Regional/Provincial Office.

The DILG does not tolerate any action by any individual that can compromise the integrity of the department. As such, this notice covers all other DILG officials and staff whose names may also be used by or name dropped by unscrupulous persons.

We encourage everyone to report to the PNP station nearest you if you become aware of any similar acts. Rest assured that your identity will be kept confidential.

Thank you and keep safe.

DILG Spokesperson