DILG banners upscaled criteria for Seal of Good Local Governance this year

April 15, 2019

Local government units (LGUs) will have to work even harder to get the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) award as the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) banners a 'polished and redefined All-in criteria' for the SGLG this 2019.

DILG Secretary Eduardo M. Año says that the SGLG 2019 will be a refined version of last year's 'All-in' requirements composing of specific improved requisites which were missing last 2018.

"The 'All-in' criteria in itself was very challenging for our local government units (LGUs) yet we still want to push them for greater innovation, hence, we polished and redefined this year's SGLG requirements," Año says.

"Kumbaga 'All-in redefined', mas humirap pero mas masasala natin ang mga mahuhusay na LGU na talagang nagtatrabaho," he adds.

Through DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2019-44, Año says that SGLG 2019 is geared towards institutionalizing a culture of performance among LGUs which utilizes performance information for interventions and actions.

He explains that SGLG 2019 will still require LGUs to pass all seven governance areas namely: Financial Administration; Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection; Peace and Order; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Environmental Protection; and Tourism Culture and the Arts.

"The difference now is the requirements are more specific and defined, hence, creating a more competitive and dynamic metrics for our LGUs to try to attain," he says.

Two hundred sixty-three LGUs passed last year's SGLG composed of 17 provinces, 39 cities, and 207 towns, a lower number compared to the 448 for 2017.

"As what we have observed, the numbers of winners are dwindling as we raise the SGLG requisites. This 2019 may show the same pattern or the LGUs will really step up and rise to the occassion. We will see," the DILG Chief says.

Recipients of this year's SGLG from 81 provinces, 145 cities and 1489 municipalities will be conferred with the SGLG marker; eligibility to the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) to finance their local development initiatives; and an access to other programs and capacity development assistance from the DILG.

A redefined SGLG All-in criteria

Año says that as the implementer of the SGLG program, the DILG has been keen in updating and improving the criteria to push LGUs to perform their best.

"Even just halfway in last year's assessment, we already knew that we can still improve the SGLG criteria, we can still inspire LGUs towards a better performance," he says.

He explains that the SGLG 2019 has adopted specific refinements in most of the governance areas. "We saw the need to refine the criteria and we are hoping that the LGUs see this as an opportunity for an improved service delivery," he says.

Some of the refinements integrated in the SGLG 2019 provincial, city and municipality criteria are plus 30% of recommendations fully complied with for Good Financial Housekeeping; and the inclusion of all quarters in CY 2018 in the compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy of Local Budget and Finances, Bids and Public Offering for the Financial Administration indicator.

Disaster Preparedness criteria for provincial, city and municipality now requires a convened PDRRMC; a contingency plan for top two high risk hazard; and at least one LDRRMC or LDRRMO head/plantilla LDRRMO staff trained in Incident Command System.

Under the Social Protection, provincial governments are now required that during CY 2018 or 2019, at least 50% of the provincial government-run hospitals are Philhealth accredited; and at least 50% of city goverment-run hospitals are Philhealth accredited for maternity care package, primary care benefits, and TB-DOTS for CY 2018 or 2019 for cities and municipal governments.

The Peace and Order assessment tool requires provincial, city and municipal governments to pass the Peace and Order Performance Audit rating, while, under the Environmental Management, city and municipal government must convene their solid waste management board.