DILG: No final decision yet on minors going to malls

December 2, 2020

The Department of the Interior and Local Government today clarified that there is no final decision yet on allowing minors to visit malls amid the COVID pandemic in the National Capital Region and in the rest of the country.

DILG Secretary Eduardo Año said that the Metro Manila mayors have yet to come to a consensus and make a recommendation on the matter after two (2) meetings. He said the mayors would still have a discussion with the Philippine Pediatric Society as well as other health experts before coming up with a resolution.

“If the Metro Manila mayors are able to come up with a common proposal allowing minors or children in malls and other public places, the final decision will still be with the IATF and ultimately, the President,” he said.

“Let’s wait for the mayors to make the recommendation to the IATF,” he advised the public.

He clarified that since no final decision has been adopted, the old regulations remain where minors are required to stay at home.

The DILG Chief said that it is better if the number of people going outside is controlled or limited in the face of the on-going pandemic although COVID cases in NCR and in urban areas in the country have been going down.

“As much as possible, we should limit the number of people going out, especially the elderly and minors; but we will listen to the Metro Manila Mayors and the health experts on what their recommendation will be,” he said.