Issuances Archive


151 MC No. 2020-152 re: Implementation of Safety Measures in the Operation of Talipapas (Satellite Markets) during the COVID-19 PandemicReference No: MC No. 2020-152 November 10, 2020
152 Supplemental Guidelines for the Implementation of the Subaybayan System: SUBAYBAYAN ANG PROYEKTONG BAYANReference No: MC No 2020-151 November 5, 2020
153 Invitation to the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Forum 2020: Accelerating Local Economic Growth Amidst the New NormalReference No: MC No 2020-150 November 3, 2020
154 30th Commemoration of the Library and Information Services (LIS) in November, 2020Reference No: MC No 2020-149 November 3, 2020
155 Observance of 28th Deaf Awareness Week (DAW)Reference No: MC No 2020-148 November 3, 2020
156 Guidelines on the Management of COVID-19 Related Health Care WastesReference No: MC No 2020-147 October 30, 2020
157 2020 Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan Call for NominationsReference No: MC No 2020-146 October 30, 2020
158 Continuation of Road Clearing Reference No: MC No 2020-145 October 28, 2020
159 Support to the Nationwide Measles Rubella-Oral Polio Vaccine Immunization Campaign as Part of the Critical Health Interventions of the Department of HealthReference No: MC No 2020-144 October 28, 2020
160 Revised Guidelines on the Manila Bay Clean-up, Rehabilitation, and Preservation Program's Local Government Units Compliance AssessmentReference No: MC No. 2020-143 October 28, 2020
161 Guidelines on LGU Budgeting, Procurement, and Fund Utilization for COVID-19 Response and Recovery Interventions pursuant to "Bayanihan to Recover as One Act"Reference No: MC No. 2020-142 October 26, 2020
162 Policy on the Apprenticeship Program for LGOOs II and IIIReference No: MC No 2020-141 October 23, 2020
163 Guidelines on the Resumption of Cockpit Operations or Cockfighting in Areas under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) or LowerReference No: MC No 2020-140 October 23, 2020
164 Participation to the Philippine Festival of Youth Action (PFYA) 2020 of the Local Youth Development Officers, Officers and Members of the Local Youth Development Council and Sangguniang KabataanReference No: MC No 2020-139 October 21, 2020
165 Resolution of the National Youth Commission relative to the Guidelines on Monitoring the Implementation of Local Youth Development Plan (LYDP), Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan (CBYDP), and Annual Barangay Youth Investment Program (ABYIP)Reference No: MC No 2020-138 October 15, 2020
166 Conduct of Barangay Assembly Day for the Second Semester of Calendar Year (CY) 2020Reference No: MC No 2020-137 October 15, 2020
167 Observance of the World Tsunami Awareness Day every 5th Day of NovemberReference No: MC No 2020-136 October 14, 2020
168 Mobilization of Civil Society Organizations in COVID-19-Related Response and Recovery Programs of the GovernmentReference No: MC No 2020-135 October 13, 2020
169 Enjoining Elected Local Officials and DILG Personnel to the Philippine Local Government Forum on October 2020Reference No: MC No 2020-134 October 8, 2020
170 2020 National Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Awareness WeekReference No: MC No 2020-133 October 7, 2020
171 Guidelines for the establishment of the Implementing Teams of the RPRH Law in Local Government UnitsReference No: MC No 2020-132 October 7, 2020
172 Guidelines on the Conduct of Health-Enhancing Physical Activities and Sports during the COVID-19 PandemicReference No: MC No 2020-131 October 7, 2020
173 Observance of the 2020 National Children's Month (NCM)Reference No: MC No 2020-130 October 7, 2020
174 Reiterating and Supplementing DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2020-081 Dated May 8, 2020 Enjoining the Use of STAYSAFEPH V.2 Application System for the Management of the Global Pandemic Reference No: MC No 2020-129 October 6, 2020
175 Duties and Responsibilities of the Liga ng mga Barangay Chapter Presidents, Punong Barangays, Barangay Secretaries, and other Barangay Officials Concerned, DILG Officials and Employees concerned in the Issuance of Barangay Certification to the Qualified First Time Jobseekers Pursuant to Republic Act (RA) No. 11261, otherwise known as the "First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act", and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)Reference No: MC No 2020-128 October 1, 2020
176 Guidelines in the Implementation / Roll Out of the Building Resilience of LGUs for the New Normal: Embracing COVID-19 Contact Tracing WorkReference No: MC No 2020-127 October 1, 2020
177 2020 Local Government Month CelebrationReference No: MC No 2020-126 October 1, 2020
178 Listo sa Tag-ulan at COVID-19: Preparedness Measures of Local Government Units for the Rainy Season CY 2020Reference No: MC No 2020-125 September 28, 2020
179 Intellectual Property Rights ProtectionReference No: MC No 2020-124 September 22, 2020
180 Submission of List of Registered Animal Facilities and Related BusinessesReference No: MC No. 2020-123 September 20, 2020
181 Support of LGUs to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries' Organizations (ARBOs) Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and Community Quarantine PeriodReference No: MC No 2020-122 September 18, 2020
182 Directing all Local Government Units (LGUs) to Participate and Support the DA-BFAR Roll-Out, Pursuant to DA FAO No. 263 S. 2019, on the Establishment of Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs)Reference No: MC No 2020-121 September 18, 2020
183 Observance of the 17th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection (CPAP) WeekReference No: MC No 2020-120 September 15, 2020
184 Guidelines on the Enhancement of the Local Roads Network Development Plan (LRNDP)Reference No: MC No 2020-119 September 7, 2020
185 Digital Governance Awards 2020: LGUs Innovative Practice in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)Reference No: MC No 2020-118 September 7, 2020
186 Guidelines in the Establishment of the Barangay Profile System (BPS) Module under the Barangay Information System (BIS)Reference No: MC No. 2020-117 September 7, 2020
187 Refocusing the Disiplina Muna National Advocacy Campaign Towards Defeating the COVID-19 Pandemic through the "BIDA ANG MAY DISIPLINA: SOLUSYON SA COVID-19" ProgramReference No: MC No 2020-116 September 1, 2020
188 Invitation to the Series of Webinars on "Accelerating Growth and Advancement of Local Government Units (ANGAT LGUS) "Reference No: MC No 2020-115 August 28, 2020
189 Celebration of the 18th Development Policy Research Month (DPRM)Reference No: MC No 2020-114 August 28, 2020
190 Submission of SK, LYDO and LYDC Data Updates for the Year 2020Reference No: MC No 2020-113 August 27, 2020
191 Guidelines on the Manila Bayani Awards and IncentivesReference No: MC No 2020-112 August 27, 2020
192 Attendance to the Launching of the Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) Consortium Facebook Page and Group and the Webinar on Child Friendly Local Governance in the New NormalReference No: MC No 2020-111 August 18, 2020
193 Rule on the Mobility of Older Persons in Quarantine Situations as prescribed by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) and the Role of the Office for Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) in these situationsReference No: MC No 2020-110 August 18, 2020
194 2020 Observance of the Family Planning MonthReference No: MC No 2020-109 August 15, 2020
195 2020 International Youth Fellowship Online World CampReference No: MC No. 2020-108 August 3, 2020
196 Health and Safety Protocols for the Conduct of Film and Audiovisual Production Shoots and Audiovisual Activities Amid the COVID-19 PandemicReference No: MC No 2020-107 July 30, 2020
197 Attendance to the Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) Online TrainingsReference No: MC No 2020-106 July 24, 2020
198 Adoption of the use of the Gender and Development Plan and Budget Monitoring System (GAD-PBMS)Reference No: MC No 2020-105 July 23, 2020
199 Advisory for the Posting of the 100 Millionth Symbolic Babies related Photos, Banners and Social Media CardsReference No: MC No 2020-104 July 23, 2020
200 Observance of the 2020 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (WDAT)Reference No: MC No 2020-103 July 22, 2020