Issuances Archive


101 Adoption of Administrative Order 30 on the Interruption of Periods for Filing and Submission of Documents, Cancellation of Proceedings, Suspension of Deadlines for Payment of Taxes, Fees and others Charges, and on the Movement of Timelines for the Grant and Release of BenefitsReference No: MC No 2020-085 May 21, 2020
102 Provision of Grace Period and / or other related Mechanisms in the Collection of Applicable Taxes, Fees and Dues from Energy Facilities relative to the Extended imposition of the Enhanced Community QuarantineReference No: MC No 2020-084 May 21, 2020
103 Guidelines for Local Government Units on the Regulation of Public Transportation in Areas under General Community Quarantine and Interzonal TrasportationReference No: MC No 2020-083 May 19, 2020
104 Guidelines in Implementing RA No. 11285 or the "Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act" and its IRRReference No: MC No. 2020-082 May 9, 2020
105 Enjoining the Use of StaySafePH Application System for the Management of Corona Virus SituationReference No: MC No. 2020-081 May 8, 2020
106 Implementing Guidelines for the Rice Resiliency Project of the Department of AgricultureReference No: MC No. 2020-080 May 5, 2020
107 Clarificatory Guidelines on the Use of Peace and Order Council (POC) Funds for COVID-19-related Programs, Projects, Services, and Activities (PPSAs)Reference No: MC No. 2020-079 May 1, 2020
108 Monitoring of Children-in-Conflict with the Law in LGU-Managed Detention Facilities with Suspected and Confirmed Cases of COVID-19Reference No: MC No. 2020-078 April 28, 2020
109 Rationalizing the Establishment of a Local Government Unit Task Force Against COVID-19Reference No: MC No. 2020-077 April 24, 2020
110 National Heritage Month (NHM) Celebration in May 2020Reference No: MC No. 2020-076 April 24, 2020
111 Establishment of the DILG Overseas Filipino Workers' (OFW) Desk and Designation of DILG-OFW Desk OfficerReference No: MC No. 2020-075 April 23, 2020
112 Realignment and Augmentation of SK Budget to Provide Funds for Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Reference No: MC No. 2020-074 April 14, 2020
113 Guidelines for the Conduct of the Expanded Testing Procedures for COVID-19Reference No: MC No. 2020-073 April 13, 2020
114 Temporary Shelter / Accommodation for the Safety and Protection Against Discrimination of Health WorkersReference No: MC No. 2020-072 April 12, 2020
115 Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks or other Protective Equipment in Public AreasReference No: MC 2020-071 April 9, 2020
116 Reconstitution of PMCs in Provinces, Municipalities, Cities and Organization of PMECs in BarangaysReference No: MC No. 2020-070 April 7, 2020
117 University of the Philippines Open University's Massive Open Online Courses on Inter-Local Cooperation on May 18 to August 7, 2020Reference No: MC No. 2020-069 April 3, 2020
118 Postponement of all Administrative Demolition and Eviction Activities during the Enhanced Community Quarantine and State of National EmergencyReference No: MC No. 2020-068 April 2, 2020
119 Additional Guidelines on Quarantine and Isolation Measures relative to the COVID-19 SituationReference No: MC No. 2020-067 April 2, 2020
120 Guidelines on Providing Proper Welfare of Persons with Disabilities during the Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) PandemicReference No: MC No. 2020-066 March 31, 2020
121 Guidelines for Local Government Units in the Provision of Social Amelioration Measures by the National Government to the Most Affected Residents of the Areas under Enhanced Community QuarantineReference No: MC No. 2020-065 March 30, 2020
122 Provincial/City/Municipal Special Care Facilities and Isolation Units amid the COVID-19 PandemicReference No: MC No. 2020-064 March 29, 2020
123 Interim Guidelines on the Management of Human Remains for Patient Under Investigation (PUI) and Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CasesReference No: MC No. 2020-063 March 27, 2020
124 Suppletory LGU Guidelines on the Implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon, and State of Public Health Emergency in other parts of the Country due to the COVID-19 ThreatReference No: MC No. 2020-062 March 22, 2020
125 Ensuring that the Food Relief Operations to be Distributed to Muslim Communities are Halal Compliant During the Period of Enhanced Community QuarantineReference No: MC No. 2020-061 March 22, 2020
126 2020 International Conference on Biosphere and Sustainability on July 13-16, 2020 in Puerto Princesa City (Palawan)Reference No: MC No. 2020-060 March 22, 2020
127 Attendance to the 25th National Housing Convention and Trade ExhibitsReference No: MC No. 2020-059 March 20, 2020
128 Enjoining Support for the Implementation of Republic Act No. 11337 otherwise known as the "Innovative Startup Act" and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)Reference No: MC No. 2020-058 March 20, 2020
129 Attendance to the First Summit on Scaled-Up Actions for Nutrition in the PhilippinesReference No: MC No. 2020-057 March 12, 2020
130 Attendance of Local Government Officials to the 14th National Rover Moot on 3-9 May 2020 at Barangay Duyong-Tingib, Pandan, AntiqueReference No: MC No. 2020-056 March 11, 2020
131 47th Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP)Reference No: MC No. 2020-055 March 10, 2020
132 Conduct of Community Visit of Local Chief Executive to Component Local Governemnt UnitsReference No: MC No. 2020-054 March 10, 2020
133 Policies and General Guidelines for the Implementation of the 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS)Reference No: MC No. 2020-053 March 9, 2020
134 Call for Proposals on the 2020 K-City Network: Global Cooperation ProgramReference No: MC No. 2020-052 March 9, 2020
135 2020 National Women's Month CelebrationReference No: MC No. 2020-051 March 5, 2020
136 16th Women with Disabilities Day CelebrationReference No: MC No. 2020-050 March 4, 2020
137 34th Annual Consultative Conference of the Local Government Mechanical Engineers' Association of the Philippines (LOGOMEAP)Reference No: MC No. 2020-049 March 4, 2020
138 Attendance to National Conference of Population Officers and WorkersReference No: MC No 2020-048 March 3, 2020
139 An Updates on the Functionality Indicators, Rules and Responsiblities and Monitoring Guidelines of Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC) thereby Amending DILG MC 2008-101 dated 17 June 2008Reference No: MC No 2020-047 February 27, 2020
140 Support to the Duterte Legacy SummitReference No: MC No. 2020-046 February 26, 2020
141 Earth Hour 2020 : # Change The Ending Campaign on March 28, from 8:30 to 9:30 P.M.Reference No: MC No. 2020-045 February 26, 2020
142 2020 Census of Population and HousingReference No: MC No. 2020-044 February 26, 2020
143 Enjoining Support for the Adoption and Implementation of the LGU Resilience Readiness Monitoring Framework (LRRMF)Reference No: MC No. 2020-043 February 26, 2020
144 Dissemination of Executive Order No. 103 Reconstituting and Strengthening the National Quincentennial CommitteeReference No: MC No. 2020-042 February 26, 2020
145 Conduct of Barangay Assembly Day for the First Semester of CY2020Reference No: MC No. 2020-041 February 20, 2020
146 Guidelines on the issuance of Idenfification Cards (IDs) to all elected and Appointed Barangay Officials and Sangguniang Kabataan MembersReference No: MC No. 2020-040 February 20, 2020
147 Addendum to the DILG Memorandum Circular 2020-026 dated February 7, 2020 with subject "Attendance to the 2020 Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) National Summit"Reference No: MC No. 2020-039 February 20, 2020
148 Participation and Attendance to the 12th Annual National Convention on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction on 27-29 March 2020 at the Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera, Oriental MindoroReference No: MC No. 2020-038 February 20, 2020
149 34th EDSA People Power Anniversary CelebrationReference No: MC No. 2020-037 February 19, 2020
150 Prohibiting Tricycles, Pedicabs, and Motorized Pedicabs from Operating on National HighwaysReference No: MC No. 2020-036 February 17, 2020