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Museums and Galleries Month

October 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019

Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) is observed every month of October by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 798, 2. 1991. It underscores the importance of arousing the national consciousness and pride in our rich culture and national identity, expressed in all media of art and culture, historical and religious artifacts. This rich Filipino cultural heritage embodies the aspiration of the nation.

This year, MGM will have the theme “Building the Nation, One Exhibit at a Time,” which acknowledges the role of museum and galleries as instruments in creating national consciousness for Filipinos. Their functions have been expanded from just merely centers of historical and cultural consciousness to avenues for dialogues which best concern the general public including that these cultural and arts forms are necessary for nation-building and shaping the national destiny.

Source DILG MC 2019-150