GAA Reportorial Requirement



Sec. 4. Receipts or Revenues Collected by Agencies

Sec. 5 Donations for a Term Exceeding One (1) year

Sec. 7 Performance Bonds and Deposits

Sec. 12. Conduct of Seminar, Conference, Training, and Oath Taking Programs

Sec. 61. Availability of Appropriations

Sec. 67. Fund Transfers to Civil Society Organizations

Sec. 92. Submission of Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements on Accounts Deposited Outside of the National Treasury

Sec. 93 Report on COA Findings and Recommendations

Sec. 95. Financial Reports

Sec. 96. Quarterly Financial and Physical Reports

Sec. 97 Submission of Post 2018 Budget Status

Sec. 99 Transparency Seal